Our country registers cases of COVID-19. In this context, our role is to raise awareness in the community because we may have to stop shaking hands, but we can still reach out, substantially and emotionally. Our ability to bring help and hope gives us freedom of action, dispelling feelings of helplessness. It makes us noticeably happier, dispelling feelings of hopelessness. It reminds us that we can have a significant impact, if we are intentional.
Thus, while protecting themselves according to the principles of the WHO, the Ministry of Health and our organization, our staff will mobilize and sensitize the Community.
This grant will allow us to make a big impact within the community in order to stop the spread of this Coronavirus.
We are looking for supporters for this project, the amount found will survive the transport of the mobilizers, the production of posters and awareness leaflet, communication, production of the report and other urgent or necessary needs for the success of this action.
In the event that the amount raised increases, we will go from house to house, distributing handwashing kits, masks, advice leaflets, … With your Donation, we will mainly support projects and initiatives

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